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The Board of Directors (BOD) is the brain of any organization.

The members of the Board are collectively responsible for the following:

  • Developing and advancing the organization’s mission
  • Maintaining the organization’s tax-exempt status, and its ability to attract charitable contributions
  • Protecting the organization’s resources
  • Formulating the organization’s budget
  • Hiring and evaluating the chief executive
  • Generally overseeing the organization’s management
  • Supporting the fundraising the organization undertakes

The BOD has three primary legal duties: “duty of care”, “duty of loyalty”, and “duty of obedience”.  These are legal standards against which all actions taken or not taken by directors are measured:

  1. Duty of Care: Board members shall be reasonably informed about the organization’s activities, participate in decision making, and act in good faith and with the care of an ordinarily prudent person in comparable circumstances.  In short, be prepared, pay attention, and participate.
  2. Duty of Loyalty: Board members shall exercise their power in the interest of the organization and not in their personal interest (personal or professional) or the interest of another entity, particularly one with which they have a formal relationship.
  3. Duty of Obedience: Board members shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws; adhere to the organizations governing documents; and remain guardians of the organizations’ mission.

We are currently seeking people with experience in finance, communications, fundraising, and/or nonprofit law who are willing and able to participate as BOD.  You must be willing to share your knowledge and expertise to benefit the organization and work with the CEO and volunteers to fulfill the mission of the organization.
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Did You Know?


We've all heard the saying, “life is what you make it". This implies that the individual's life experiences are based on the consequences of the choices made as an individual. While this is true, there are a plethora of decisions made outside of the individual's control that affects the individual's life. We do have the right to choose how we respond to outside pressures but for many people, especially low-income single parents, the choices are limited by a lack of resources.

Life isn't what you make it, life is what we make it together

As the founder of the SP Community, I understand all too well about how lack of resources can influence decision making. This is why, once I had the opportunity, I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree with Cum Laude academic honors. I focused many of my electives on classes related to creating and directing a nonprofit organization. Now I'm ready to put those skills to work in creating the organization I have dreamed of for the past 20 plus years.

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