Single Parent Community

Life isn't what you make it, life is what we make it together



To empower single-parent families through education, encouragement, and resources to remove barriers and assist in providing a stable environment in which to raise happy and healthy children.

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Our belief is that children are better off in stable environments.  Being in a single-parent family does not automatically make the environment unstable.  However, single-parent families are vulnerable to situations that can create instability in the lives of their children.

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The future is restricted only by our imagination and our willingness to act on our imagination.  We imagine a single-parent housing community with on-site child care and a community center providing to access to resources for online education, work skills training, and much more.

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Budgeting Tools

Good budgeting is an essential and sometimes daunting task for the single parent – especially one with little income to budget.  Here is a list of a few budgeting calculators that can help make budgeting feel a little less daunting. Budget Calculator: While there are numerous budget calculators online, this nifty calculator from an Austrailian …

Latchkey Facts

According to census data in 2011, over 4 million children were left without supervision for more than 6 hours every week on average. Because of government and grant-funded afterschool programs, these numbers have dropped dramatically. In 1995 it was estimated that 18% of elementary aged children went home to empty houses. Since after-school program legislation …

Accessibility to Child Care

Accessibility to Child Care is a big issue, especially if you are a single parent. The high cost coupled with the low availability of childcare programs can leave single parents depending on people who may not be qualified to care for their children while they work. Subsidy Programs Access to high-quality care for single-parents often …